Upcoming Movie Titled The New Mutants

Upcoming Movie Titled The New Mutants

There will be a lot of great movies in 2018 and 2019. Some of these movies have released the news and started their production and filming process. Even, there are also some of the movies who have released trailer. Of course, these are interesting to see and there are many great movies to wait for. One of the movies is from the Marvel. Marvel Comics and 20th Century Fox are going to release the new movie. This movie is not in correlation with The Avengers and heroes in this team. This will be from other part or team of Marvel comics, The X-Men. As what people know, especially fans of Marvel Comics, there are The Avengers and X-Men and these are like two branch in the comics, although there are also some cartoons and story in which these heroes collaborate. For the sequels of X-Men, X-Men Apocalypse and sequel of Wolverine have been successful in obtaining attention of the movie lovers.

It is true that sequel of X-Men are also interesting. Stories of powerful mutants are so interesting. Although it may not be as popular as The Avengers and its heroes, mutants in the X-Men are extremely great. Moreover, there is Deadpool that has just finished with its second film and this gets great responses. Deadpool with its unique story and character make people love the story. Then, there will be new film titled The New Mutants. Based on the poster of this movie, there are 5 faces of mutants and the posters are more like thriller or horror movies instead of the movies of hero. The design of poster for this film is quite different from other films of Marvels, even when it is for X-Men sequels. There are no faces of heroes of mutants, but it is just like five faces appearing on the wall. This makes https://multipoker88.net players may think that this is thriller or horror movie.

Upcoming Movie Titled The New MutantsBased on the released trailer, it also tells the same thing. Luckily there is entrance of Marvel that tells the movie lovers about this movie. At least, they know that this is not horror or thriller movie, yet this is movie from Marvel comics. However, the vibes and nuances brought by the trailer is also like trailer of thriller movies. Its dark scenes, screams, bloods, and the other things make people question the movie. Of course, this may be quite interesting movie since people have started to question its story and how the new mutants will look like. Their power is still also part of questions.

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