The Prequel of Harry Potter, Fantastic Beast: Crimes of Grindelwald

The Prequel of Harry Potter, Fantastic Beast

Harry Potter has become so successful novels and movies. The novels are sold in high numbers and then the stories were brought to the movies and they were also successful. Stories starting from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone to the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows have become one of the most successful movies and novels in history. This make J.K. Rowling, as the author of Harry Potter, decides to make some prequels of this movie. There is Fantastic Beast. There has been film of this Fantastic Beast. It is titled Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them. This is released some years ago and this got great responses. People love the stories and the story takes the setting before the Harry Potter and Hogwarts exist. This tells the story about the unique creatures in the world of magic where Harry Potter lives.

Fantastic Beast The Crimes of GrindelwaldBecause of its success, then there is second prequel of Fantastic Beast and it is titled as the Fantastic Beast: The Crimes of Grindelwald. In the previous movie of Fantastic Beast, Newt Scamander came to United States to look for magical animals. He is wizard who has attention in saving the magical animals that are going to extinct. He has special case that actually becomes a great zoo when it is opened. His story in finding the animals make him get in touch to the Gellert Grindelwald. He is a powerful dark wizard like the Voldemort in the Harry Potter. Ministry of Magic looks for him but actually he disguises and pretend to be officer in the ministry. Then, the story leads to the confrontation of Newt and Grindelwald, in which in the end, the dark wizard is captured.

Fantastic Beast The Crimes of GrindelwaldIn the Fantastic Beast: The Crimes of Grindelwald, there will be more interesting story. Of course, there is still Newt Scamander as the main character. Now, the setting is no longer in New York, but it will be in France. Since it has title of Fantastic beast, of course there will be some magical creatures and beasts in the movie. The creatures have become important factor of the movie, that is why it is necessary to bring them in the movie. There is also Credence that appears again. In the previous movie, Credence is the important character since he is actually an Obscurus and Grindelward wants to have him because of the great magical force. There will also be interesting character, such as Theseus Scamander that is brother of Newt and he is actually an auror in the Ministry of Magic. There will also be young Dumbledore and Hogwarts. Surely, this will be interesting movie to wait.

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