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Box Office Predictions: Leftovers Triumph over Dream House and 50/50

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Dolphin Tale: Morgan Freeman, Harry Connick Jr., Nathan Gamble, Austin Highsmith and Cozi Zuehlsdorff .9-22-11-b
When the most anticipated movie of the weekend wasn't reviewed for critics as is barely expected to crack ten million, yeah, we're in the dog days. Dream House - which wasn't screened for critics - could lead the pack of new films, and The Lion King looks to end its two week run at the top of the charts, which means we may see Dolphin...

What's Your Number: Move Review

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What's Your Number9-29-11
What's Your Number? is one of those films that in the sea of Rom-Coms you just won't remember until you stumble across it on a plane in a years time. Despite hitting all the "right" moments, having a charming leading duo and a number of good supporting actors, the film is just so damn mediocre and the script, which is attempting to be pro-female, is about 10 years out...

Zachary Quinto, Andy Samberg Join What's Your Number?

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zachary quinto, andy samberg whats your number
Anna Faris has been getting all her ducks, or in this case, men in a row for the upcoming comedy, What's Your Number? It's an R-rated star vehicle for the actress that will also feature Captain America himself Chris Evans. According to EW, SNL's Andy Samberg and...