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Universal Hopes You Still Like Team Jacob

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wolf man poster
Trends come and go, and with the success of Twilight, True Blood, and many more, the vampire genre is in full bloom. But werewolves haven't been as crassly exploited. Part of this has to do with The Wolfman - starring Benecio Del Toro - not doing that well at the box office. That was a troubled production as Mark...

Movie Releases: Valentine's Day, The Wolfman, My Name is Khan

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Valentines Day Queen Latifah and Anne Hathaway
How much more obvious can you get than by having a movie called Valentine's Day come out on Valentine's weekend? The movie that stars every actor you can possibly think of, from A-list talents such as Julia Roberts and Anne Hathaway to Grey Anatomy Dr's Eric Dane and Patrick Dempsey to the two Jessica's (Alba and Biel). The star power alone will make the movie number one...

The Wolfman International Trailer

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The Wolfman Hiding
This morning we've gotten our hands on the latest trailer for Joe Johnston's horror film, The Wolfman. Be warned, it's intended for French audiences (hence the subtitles) but have no fear, the entire trailer is in English. On top of that, there are a few scenes that include footage we haven't seen from the previous videos. Check out The Wolfman...