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Jack White To Compose 'The Lone Ranger' Musical Score

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Jack White
While most of the focus on Gore Verbinski’s upcoming full-length adaptation of The Lone Ranger has focused on Johnny Depp’s pasty-faced and eccentric take on the sidekick character of Tonto, news broke this week that another pale, oddball artist will be bringing his weirdness to The Lone Ranger—former White Stripes frontman Jack White.

Sundance Report: World Premiere of It Might Get Loud

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The theater was filled with silhouettes of bobbing heads. Seats vibrated from uncontrollable foot tapping. Desperate latecomers stood in the back just happy to catch the world premiere of Davis Guggenheim's documentary It Might Get Loud. Guggenheim is the Oscar winner director best known for An Inconvenient Truth. Before the screening...