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Peter Falk: 1927-2011

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Peter Falk in Husbands
One of the great things about Peter Falk is that he lived two lives. For some he's the TV star of Columbo, the grandfather in The Princess Bride. He's the guy who's been in your home for years, with his cigar and mumbly "one more thing" ways. The other Falk is the star of a number of John Cassavettes films - like Husbands...

16 Romantic Movies That A Guy Won't Hate

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// < ![CDATA[ reddit_url = ""; // ]]> Since the beginning of time (we're talking at least the late 70's), guys have been dragged off to their fair share of chick flicks, rom-coms, and gooey tearjerkers. Especially around this time of year. But does it always have to be a painful...