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'Jurassic Park 4' Has Been Put On Hold

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Jurassic Park – TOP
Bad news for fans of the Jurassic Park franchise (we’re assuming there are actual fans of the whole terrible franchise sequels, and not just the fun first film): Jurassic Park 4’s June 2014 release date likely isn’t going to happen.  NEW UPDATES BELOW.

Blu-ray and DVD Picks for October 30 - November 5

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The Campaign
It’s a weak week for new films, though the topically released The Campaign is hitting just in time for the elections, but for those who love classics, between the Criterion release of Rosemary’s Baby and the Alfred Hitchcock collection, it’s a hard week on one’s wallet.

Sundance 2012: Mali's Top Five Films to See

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ScreenCrave is back at Sundance Film Festival again with Brendan Walsh, Christie Ko and myself covering, in the somewhat freezing cold to bring your some of the best indie films of 2012. The schedule is packed with what looks like numerous amazing films with phenomenal filmmakers. One of our favorite Sundance veterans is Mark Duplass (Cyrus - 2010, Humpday - 2009, Puffy...