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Blu-ray and DVD Picks For April 24 – 30

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Contraband – Mark Wahlberg
This week we're starting to see some of 2012's movies hit DVD and Blu-ray, and still some of 2011's best (and want-to-be bests). The best of the lot is the original TV miniseries version of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, with Alec Guiness playing the role that gave Gary Oldman an Oscar nomination. It's not a great week for Blu-ray, but as...

Sundance 2011: Focus Buys Festival Favorite 'Pariah'

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Not only has this been a year of amazing premieres at Sundance 2011, but it's also been a year for sales. Almost every film that was in the "In Competition" section has been sold -- and that's not to even get started with all the rest. While I was crying my eyes out in Pariah (read Brendan Walsh's review) and watching the director Dee Rees get yet another standing...

Sundance 2011: Pariah Movie Review

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sundance pariah
If the rest of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival is as promising as its opening night offering Pariah, then this is going to be an exceptional year for new directing talent.  The film, developed from Dee Rees' short film accepted to 2007's festival, is an African-American-lesbian-coming-of-age story.  On paper, that may look like the kind of film which is an...