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Top 5 TV Shows That Got Their Groove Back in 2012

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Television is a fickle medium. A mediocre season can color an audience's perception of an entire series. It's a sad fact, but put away the tissues, because this year several fan favorites came back better than ever. After seasons ranging from mildly disappointing to eye-twitchingly awful, they've redeemed themselves. Here are five shows that got their groove back in 2012 -- Stella style.

TV Castings: The Mentalist, Parenthood, Warehouse 13

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tv castings
A lot of your favorite shows have started production for the new fall season, so we have a slew of TV castings to tell you about. They include additions to the CBS hit "The Mentalist," along with NBC's "Parenthood," and Syfy's "Warehouse 13." According to EW, Eric Winter, Kevin Alejandro, and veteran actor...