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Trailer And Poster For Michael Connors' War Thriller 'Allegiance'

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Allegiance – Pablo Schreiber
Director Michael Connors' is getting ready to release his first feature Allegiance, an indie war thriller starring Seth Gabel (Fringe), Pablo Schreiber (The Wire), Shad "Bow Wow" Moss (Lottery Ticket) and Aidan Quinn (Elementary). Check out the trailer and poster for the film below.

Sundance 2010: happythankyoumoreplease

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Written, directed, and starring Josh Radnor (CBS's How I Met Your Mother), happythankyoumoreplease is your standard romantic comedy with a bit of an edge. While watching this movie if you're a guy you'll think that all the women are over-emotional, if you're a women you'll think all the men are idiots, in other words the film is stereotypically true to life. Starring...