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Paradise: Movie Review

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Diablo Cody's directorial debut Paradise is probably not what anyone would expect from the Oscar-winning writer, as it's a much gentler film that keeps her acerbic wit and social commentary in the margins. Perhaps that's why the film debuted on VOD before hitting theaters this weekend. All things told, it's a small and gentle movie that proves to be charming but...

Parks And Recreation: London: Episode 1 & 2 Season 6 – TV Review

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Parks And Recreation London Episode 1 & 2 Season 6  – TV Review
Having escaped the off-season TV chopping block (again!), the terrific NBC comedy Parks and Recreation is back - thank God - for season 6, which we know going in will involve big changes. There's a new time slot, plus the long-goodbye for two cast members, but the show marches on as one of the best comedies on TV. The season-opener sends Leslie and the gang to London....

'The Lego Movie' Trailer: Hey, At Least It Looks Better Than 'Battleship'

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the lego movie batman
Now that Hollywood has officially decided to make entire films based around preexisting toys and board games like Transformers and Battleship, it was inevitable that we’d eventually get an animated Lego film.  And get it we have, with the aptly (if not entirely creatively) titled The Lego Movie.  And now we have the first trailer.