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Parker: Movie Review

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Parker is just another bland action movie, which is a shame considering the source material. Though it offers a couple of squeal-worthy action moments out of Jason Statham, aside from a couple moments, there just isn't much else going on in the film.

Interview: Michael Chiklis on Being the Bad Guy in 'Parker'

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When it comes to playing both sides of the law, Michael Chiklis has plenty of experience. The actor's made a career of portraying lawmen or criminals in film and television. So when he signed on as the villain opposite Jason Statham in Parker, it just made sense. The laid back, experienced Chiklis chatted with ScreenCrave about the movie and his upcoming...

Interview: Micah Hauptman Talks 'Parker' And Breaking Into The Industry

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It's tricky to make your way into the film industry, but once you do it can be a rewarding experience. Actor Micah Hauptman is one of those lucky fellows who, after years of hard work, landed his first large supporting role in the upcoming Jason Statham action film Parker. It's not everyday that somebody lucks out and manages to act alongside one of...