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The 10 Most Romantic Movie Characters

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Romantic Characters (TOP)
There are a great deal of romantic movies in the world. Even if the film doesn't fall under that genre, the element of love finds its way in the mix. But despite the abundance of love stories in cinema, it's still very hard to find a truly romantic character. The idea of romance has been thrashed and labeled as corny thanks to teen franchises and bad rom-coms. Yup, romance gets a bad rap. But...

Meg Ryan Moves to Directing

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Meg Ryan
You know, for about ten years there Meg Ryan was America's Sweetheart. Though she had competition with Julia Roberts - from about When Harry Met Sally through til You've Got Mail - Ryan was the girl next door. But after a public affair with Russell Crowe that led to her divorce andjust the sad truth of getting older as a...

Top 5 Movies to Comfort You on Friday the 13th

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Today isn't just any day, it's Friday the 13th - for the 2nd month in a row! If you're the superstitious type, you're probably locked up in a room with all your ladders and mirrors stowed away for safety, because you can't be too careful on a day like this. But don't stress yourself out by getting up and moving around too much - there are a lot of cracks out there to avoid....