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DVD and Blu-ray Picks for February 26 - March 4

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Perhaps in the haze of the post-Oscar season, there wasn’t a lot of pressure to put out films on Blu-ray this week, but we are getting two of the best films of last year, and one of the Coen Brothers’ most underrated films (partly because it was a bomb on release).

Oscar Scuttlebutt: Oscar Reactions, Surprises And Snubs

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Oscar Statues on display at the Time War
The past few hours have been exciting to say the least. Early this morning movie lovers were greeted by Seth MacFarlane and Emma Stone as they announced the 2013 Academy Awards nominees. As usual, the internet completely blew up with mixed reactions on which lucky filmmakers and actors made the cut. Let's run down some of the best and worst of the nominations, along with some happy reactions...

ScreenCrave's Top 20 Films of 2012

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This has been a huge pivot point for movies in how they're made and distributed. 2012 was the year where the film industry turned its back on 35 millimeter film (which has been the standard for well over a century), with digital projection no longer just an option but the standard. At the same time a filmmaker like Paul Thomas Anderson shot a movie on 70mm - a format that hadn't been used...