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Blu-ray and DVD Picks For January 8 - 14

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The holidays are officially over, and though this week offers mostly also-ran titles, there a couple in here that should be interesting to watch if you skipped them in the theater. Classics-wise, Universal and Criterion are putting out some interesting titles, so it’s a nice week for DVD and Blu-ray.

Box Office Roundup: Old White Guys Stay on Top

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The Expendables 2
You wouldn't know it from the weather, or practically anything else, but summer is over. At least for movies, where we're getting second and third stringers in the theater. And that's why only one film cracked ten million this weekend, and that's why The Expendables 2 stays on top. It's a weak week.

Box Office Predictions: Audiences Aren't in a 'Premium Rush'

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I feel like misquoting John Lennon. Here goes: "So this is Summer, And what have you done?" Summer is over, which means award season has begun (The Master's been screening a lot) and I hope you had fun. We're going to be looking at some interesting films over the next couple of weeks, but in terms of numbers, everything's going to be weak.