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Top 5 Best Female Duos In Film

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Bromances are extremely popular, but for some reason, Hollywood doesn't seem all that invested in tales about female friendship, unless of course, there's some canoodling involved. Heck, there's not even a term for this genre, though some have tried labeling it as "womance" or "ho-mance." But this type of movie may soon gain a label, especially with The Heat, which stars Sandra...

Trailer Park: 10 Clichés Of The Indie Dramedy Trailer

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Trailer Park: 10 Cliches of the Indie Dramady Trailer
We watch a lot of movie trailers here at ScreenCrave, and, as we inch closer to summer with its ever-increasing torrent of new films, we're seeing more and more previews with each passing day. As we do so, we can't help but notice some similarities, repetitions, and clichés among them. Here at Trailer Park, we'll be offering a rundown of those clichés, where they come from, and which...