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ScreenCrave's Top 20 Films of 2012

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This has been a huge pivot point for movies in how they're made and distributed. 2012 was the year where the film industry turned its back on 35 millimeter film (which has been the standard for well over a century), with digital projection no longer just an option but the standard. At the same time a filmmaker like Paul Thomas Anderson shot a movie on 70mm - a format that hadn't been used...

The Top Five Best And Worst Movies Of Summer 2012

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Sadly, the summer is almost over. Most kids have gone back to school and the weather is slowly cooling down for the fall season.  Many believe that this summer's movie season was one of the weakest in the past couple of years, but we think otherwise. It was chocked full of fascinating independent movies and stupidly fun popcorn flicks that hit our sweet spot. So let's reflect on some of the...

'For A Good Time Call' Red-Band Trailer Offers Smart Phone Sex Comedy

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For A Good Time Call
Though it’s a little spoiler-heavy—you basically get the entire trajectory of the film in just under three minutes—the red-band, adults-only trailer for For A Good Time Call… features a bevy of sharp, raunchy comedy and humor.  Oh, and because he must star in all comedies described as “adult” or “raunchy,” Seth Rogen shows up.  It’s in his contract.