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Movie Review: Food, Inc.

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Food, Inc. is a new documentary by director/producer, Robert Kenner. The film discusses where our food really comes from and how it is really produced and how to use it as a fuel for our bodies instead of something that is making us sick. Although this description might make it seem like it is chocked full of footage of dying animals to force us to...

Exclusive Interview with Director Robert Kenner

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  I recently sat down with Food, Inc. director, Robert Kenner, to talk about his new film. After seeing the film, my view of food had completely changed. This film discusses the issue of food in an intelligent manner; it does not use the shock tactics like PETA, and it is not as outlandish and Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me. Obviously, I...

First Three Minutes of Food Inc.

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You may want to read this article and watch this clip before you eat today. It's the opening three minutes of the upcoming documentary Food Inc. Now before I lose you! What I can tell you is that, this is not just another health-food junkie movie telling you that all food is bad. It's different from other movies in it's genre because it focuses on the food and meat...