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Who We Would Cast in The Last Supper

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As we all know from the chocolate bunnies and brightly colored eggs, Easter Sunday is fast approaching. During this time, many years ago, Jesus Christ was having his last meal with his twelve disciples. If you had to do a recreation of the Last Supper, who would you pick to play the parts? Who would play Jesus? This is my pick of actors who would be part of the recreation. Now I'm no casting...

Roundup: The Avengers, Terminator, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

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Here are are some of the top news stories that you may have missed this Witch Mountain weekend. Who will direct The Avengers? Some people are looking at Iron Man helmer Jon Favreau step up to the plate, but he's not so sure. [Slashfilm] Here is a peek at what some are considering the latest Terminator Salvation...