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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Extended Season 3 Trailer

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Star Wars Clone Wars Trailer
For those of you who are still sitting in the afterglow of this year's Star Wars Celebration V event, we have more lightsaber action to throw your way. A new extended trailer has been released for the upcoming third season of the animated series, "Star Wars: The Clone Wars." The show returns with all new episodes this fall but if you can't wait until then,...

This Week on DVD: Hellboy II, The Clone Wars, The Boys in the Band

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NEW FEATURE FILMS "Hellboy II: The Curse of the Golden Army" Starring: Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, David Hyde Pierce, and Jeffrey Tambor This was an odd sequel. Not odd in its plot, or story, or characters (though they are quite odd), odd in that it was made at all. Its predecessor didn't even clear $100 million at the worldwide box office, making this about...