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Movie Releases: Bride Wars, The Unborn, Not Easily Broken

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The good news is there are still plenty of other amazing films in theaters for you to see right now. This weeks releases are pretty thin. We're getting to that time of year. Anyone going for an Oscar released their films towards the end of last year, anyone with a big Blockbuster is waiting for summer, and now we get... the rest. And it's not very good. Here are this weeks movie...

Interview: Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway for Bride Wars

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Coming to theaters this weekend is Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway's upcoming film Bride Wars. The film is about two best friends Live (Hudson) and Emma (Hathaway) who do everything together. Both women plan on having their wedding at the Plaza is June. Everything is perfect until suddenly, one the bookings becomes messed up and one of them will have to give up their...

New Trailer: Bride Wars

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Well, the first thing you hear is Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, sounds interesting right? There must be something to this film that they're not revealing in this trailer, because it doesn't quite add up. Both of them are accomplished actresses, absolutely gorgeous, and this just doesn't seem like something they would bother pairing up over. It seems like a fun romp, but eh... What do you think...