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Blu-ray and DVD Picks for August 21 - 27

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This week brings one of the year’s little arthouse successes, a comedy from this summer that didn’t connect with audiences, one of 2011’s best films, and a number of “classic” Disney animated films. Not a bad week all told, so check out the best and brightest of this week’s releases.

Rip Torn and Matthew McConaughey Join Bernie

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Rip Torn is returning to the big screen in the Jack Black led comedy, Bernie. According to THR, he'll be joined by Matthew McConaughey and Oscar winner Shirley MacLaine in the Richard Linklater directed film. This will be a reunion of sorts for McConaughey, who appeared in Linklater's classic Dazed and Confused.

Jack Black Reunites With Richard Linklater For Bernie

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Did you know that Jack Black was a Golden Globe nominated actor? Yep, he is and it's thanks to a little performance that made a lot of noise in a film called The School of Rock. It was directed by Richard Linklater, who recently helmed Me and Orson Welles and the duo are reuniting for another project. According to THR, they'll tackle a dark...