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'Gotham' Casts Its Young Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle

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batman gotham city
The cast continues to grow for Fox's upcoming show Gotham, and with that comes two new additions taking on the role of a couple beloved characters. Even though we won't be seeing Bruce Wayne don the iconic suit anytime soon, we'll still be seeing a fair share of the youngster, and one of his future nemesis, in the new show.

'Gotham' Gets Its Hands On Donal Logue

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donal logue
The news on the Gotham cast continues on today, as an actor who was rumored to play Jim Gordon gets his hands on another detective in the Batman universe. It may not be the future commissioner, but if you're familiar with the comics, then you'll agree with me in saying that actor Donal Logue (Grounded for Life, Terriers) got his hands on a great role....

'Gotham' Finds It's Jim Gordon In Ben McKenzie

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ben mckenzie
If you're even fairly familiar with television in the past decade, then you more than likely have seen one of Ben McKenzie's television shows. His star first began shining when he grabbed the lead role in The OC, and continued to show off his acting chops in Southland. Ben McKenzie suddenly got his hands on a fantastic role, taking on the part of Jim Gordon in the...