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'I Am Wrath': Nicolas Cage To Star, William Friedkin May Direct

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Bangkok Dangerous - Nicolas Cage
In a combination that may result in the most ridiculous film that you’ll see in 2013 (until his other 24 films are released later that year), Nicolas Cage is set to star in a vigilante film, I Am Wrath, which may possibly be directed by William Friedkin (The Exorcist, Killer Joe).  Brace yourselves.

William Friedkin Wants Money from 35-Year-Old Movie

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William Friedkin
Hollywood accounting is a long standing joke, as Art Buchwald once found out. He famously sued Paramount for the money owed him for conceiving Coming to America and was told that the film never turned a profit - even though it was one of the most successful films of that year. Pity William Friedkin, who has filed a civil complaint against Paramount and Universal to...

Castings: Matthew McConaughey, Dominic West, Amy Teegarden

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Matthew McConaughey 13-9-10 kc
Over the weekend several major castings were made regarding the sequels Scream 4, Johnny English, and the dark comedy Killer Joe. Some of the talent includes Amy Teegarden from "Friday Night Lights," Dominic West from "The Wire" and...