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Promised Land: Movie Review

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For the first time in a decade, Matt Damon has returned to screenwriting, and did so with the help of - not Ben Affleck - John Krasinski, the star of The Office. They unite with Damon's Good Will Hunting director Gus Van Sant to tell the story of a man hired to help sell small towns on having their land fracked by a natural gas company. This...

Blu-ray and DVD picks for November 6 - 12

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The Amazing Spider-Man
The big title for new films this week is the Friday launch of The Amazing Spider-Man, which was the least successful of the three big comic book movies of the summer – though that still means the film made piles of cash. Classics-wise, Universal is unleashing their big box set noting their hundred years making movies, on top of some classics and a film about kicking...