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The 10 Most Romantic Movie Characters

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Romantic Characters (TOP)
There are a great deal of romantic movies in the world. Even if the film doesn't fall under that genre, the element of love finds its way in the mix. But despite the abundance of love stories in cinema, it's still very hard to find a truly romantic character. The idea of romance has been thrashed and labeled as corny thanks to teen franchises and bad rom-coms. Yup, romance gets a bad rap. But...

Reviewing Ebert's 'Greatest Films': In a Lonely Place (1950)

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Lonely Place Jaime 2 November 2012
Between Sunset Blvd. and All About Eve, 1950 was an interesting year for movies tackling the darker aspects of show business. That would be enough to call it trend but there was also a third movie that explored similar ground. In a Lonely Place features an ill-tempered alcoholic screenwriter suspected of murder.