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DVD and Blu-ray Picks for May 20 - 26

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monuments men
This week offers a number of films from earlier this year, which either weren't all that good, or didn't find their audience. Maybe Pompeii was better than you'd think. Maybe. That's possible.

Box Office Roundup: 'The LEGO Movie' Trounces 'RoboCop'

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The LEGO Movie
No one really loved the new RoboCop. In fact, most of the pans and praise covered the same territory. Assembly line films get assembly line reviews. And audiences seemed to be able to tell that was the case. Which may be why The LEGO Movie stayed on top. But it may also be because it's really good and everyone loves it.

Box Office Predictions: 'RoboCop' Loses to Storm, 'The LEGO Movie'

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This week there are three remakes hitting theaters. You could have called this a remake weekend, except Winter's Tale came along and ruined everything. RoboCop, About Last Night and Endless Love are the aforementioned remakes, all taken from 1980's movies. And yet none of them have enough public awareness to rocket to the top past The...