Some Horror Movies to Wait For

Some Horror Movies to Wait For

Movies with various genres will be released in 2018 and 2019. So far, there are some great movies about superheroes. Marvel Comics and DC Comics are going to release their new movies about the superheroes and of course, many people are willing to wait for these movies. It is planned that Captain Marvel and Aquaman will be released and these are worth to wait. Then, there are also some horror movies to release. After being successful with Conjuring 2, it seems that there will be the next sequel of The Conjuring and it will be The Conjuring 3. Then, the popularity of Conjuring series make some famous spinoffs, including Annabelle. Then, there will also be The Nun that appeared in the Conjuring 2. The evil nun will get her own spinoff and it will also be released in some months. So, there is Conjuring 3 and The Nun that will be the next series of Conjuring.

AnnabelleActually, The Nun will be released before The Conjuring 3. The production and filming process of The Nun has completed and it is going to be released on September 2018. It may be some weeks from now, and people will get the full story of the demonic nun that has successful in taking interest and attention of the Conjuring 2’s audience. In this movie, it is told that Vatican sends a priest and a nun to investigate the death of nun in Romania. This becomes special investigation since it is ordered directly by the Holy See and this will be the story of this horror movie. It is not just regular death of young nun, since there must be teams ordered by Vatican to investigate. Behind the death of the young nun, there is dark and demonic force appearing in the form of demonic nun. This will be the main story and effort of investigation will not be easy as what is found in the Conjuring 1 and Conjuring 2 where the demonic force cannot be handled easily.

Then, there will also be Conjuring 3. This will be the sequel of Conjuring. However, it is said that this new Conjuring will be different from the other two movies. In Conjuring and Conjuring 2, the stories are about haunted house, but this will be different. There will be no haunted house, or at least it will not be as simple as the case of haunted house. Even, in its trailer, it deals with camera and photos. From the trailer, it is clear that the demonic force haunting the people and this can be seen from the photos. It is said that people with shadow in the photos will be killed or haunted by the demonic force. However, there is still lack of story and it is worth to wait for.

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