Slender Man the Trailer: A Very Short Review

Slender Man the Trailer A Very Short Review

Yes, this will be a very short review because the movie Slender Man has a trailer so unworthy of a longer discussion. All the scariest things a horror movie can feature are on the trailerùto little impact. Slender Man is an internet sensation that made its way into urban legend scene of modern days. The mysterious creature is said to prefer children as its prey. That, or its main intention is to drive the children insane. Or both. Whatever. But what was once merely a story posted on the internet has turned into a real motivation for real life events, most of which are grisly. Slender Man is cited as an inspiration for a series of suicide attempts, arson, and stabbings in South Dakota. In Wisconsin, 2 12-year-old schoolgirls stabbed a friend 19 timesùall because of the Slender Man.

Slender Man disappeared for some time after its meteoric rise. But for some reason, Sony Pictures decides to bring it back with a movie dedicated solely to the creature. Trailer for the movie has made its round on the internet and it is comprised of the movies scariest parts which is why you should not bother watching the movie itself. Why watch a movie when its trailer spills all the good things already, right?

Slender Man the Trailer A Very Short ReviewThe trailer is basically an unnecessary visual explanation for Slender Mans abilities and powers. This, for some reason, includes its ability to make doors rattle. Which is scary. Big time scary. The trailer also implies that the creature can also make people jerk their head. Slender Man is also shown to have a penchant for roots and maggots so if you are afraid of those two, you have been warned. Oh, and Slender Man will also drive you so nuts you want to stab yourself in the eye. With a scalpel.

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