Review of Mile 22

Review of Mile 22

Right now, there is a new movie released some days ago. It is Mile 22. The genre of this movie is action movie. Some people have great expectation toward this movie. The movie brings great curiosity for the audience since this movie has great trailer. The trailer of this movie shows some scenes of this movie and these make people expect something great. Moreover, there is Peter Berg that becomes important persons behind the movies that have been successful in making some great action movies, such as Lone Survivor and Patriots Day. This makes people have such great expectation of this movie. However, it seems that this movie is not good enough. The rating from IMDb is less than 7.0, and precisely it is 6.2. Of course, this cannot be called as good score since it is just few points above the averages, and good movies should be more than, at least, 7.5.

The plot of this movie makes such an adrenaline rush. This is so interesting to see that each part of the movie can boost adrenaline with its action. There is also Iko Uwais that has important roles to build the adrenaline. He is a great actor that has become famous after The Raid movies. In this movie, he plays as Li Noor. He is like the new generation of Jet Li or Jackie Chen, but unluckily his great actions of fighting is not supported by the camera. The camera keeps changing the point of view. This makes people tired in watching. Moreover, the actions of fight is quite excessive, that it makes the plot ruined. The story should be about extraction mission to bring Li Noor as the important informant to the airport. There are 22 miles of dangerous road and this is the source of its title. However, the plot and its story is not well delivered. Even, it can be said that the plot is rushed.

Review of Mile 22However, it is still helped by the great acts of fighting delivered in this movie. There is also Mark Wahlberg that save the movie since he plays great. Then, the plot itself is like leaving something to be continued in the other movie. It is not like going to finish in this movie. Of course, if there will be next movie to continue this Mile 22, it must be better movie with better plot and cinematography. At least, people will not get disappointed for expecting great things from its trailer on, then they get confused and disappointed after they watch it.

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