Films of Two Interesting Heroes from DC and Marvel Comics

Talking about movies, there are some great movies released in 2018. Some of them is like sequels or continuations of the movies released in 2017. In this case, of course movies about Marvel and DC comics become the great attention. These movies are so interesting and both of the comics have been successful to bring the story into the movies. Marvel has become quite dominant with their movies. Starting with the Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor, then they have Captain America. When these characters have been introduced, there are also some series of Guardian of Galaxy and Captain America. With these characters, then Captain America becomes the bridge to create the bigger movie plan, The Avengers. Avengers is the team of heroes from Marvel comics, although character from X-Men and Deadpool are not included in this team. There are Iron Man as the leader, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk, Thor, Black Panther, and even Ant-Man.

Justice LeagueSucessful with The Avengers sequels, then Ant-Man and Black Panther got their own movie. After that, there is The Avengers: Infinity War that has become so great to bring the story and bring the Guardian of the Galaxy into the team. However, in the latest and biggest film of The Avenger so far, there is no Ant-man although he appeared in the Avengers: Civil War. Actually, Ant-Man is prepared for the new movie and it is released in in July 2018. He did not come alone, since he is accompanied by The Wasp. Scot Lang, who becomes Ant-Man, previously has story with Dr. Hank and Lily that actually has the suit of Ant-Man. Then in the latest movie, Ant-Man and the Wasp, there Dr. Hank has improved the suit or costume for Lily and it is called The Wasp. The story is quite interesting since they are fighting together to see the past and they are trying to find a way to save Lily’s mother.
Then, those are about the Marvel Comics. In fact, DC Comics also have great movies. Successful with thJustice Leagues, team of heroes from DC Comics, then they made movie of

AquamanWonder Woman and this is so successful. That is why there is plan to bring character of Aquaman to the movie and there has been trailer of it. So far, there is good demands for this movies. It seems that people have such kinds of interest toward superheroes lately and they have big expectation for this Aquaman since Wonder Woman also can be so successful with its great story. Aquaman talks about the character that is actually child of the Atlantic Queen, yet his father is from the land. When he was born, he then lived on the land. Based on the trailer at it is described clearly how he started to know his identity and how the story will be. The trailer is so interesting and it shows two conflicts, between the Atlantic army that is going to make war with the land, and also the people of the land who have threat for their environment.

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