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Am I right for ScreenCrave.com?
Do you love to write? Are you a professional writer, journalism student, or dedicated hobbyist?  If so, ScreenCrave.com could be a great platform to reach a larger audience and gain exposure.

How are writers selected?

We read the sample articles you submit and determine if your writing provides value to the ScreenCrave.com readership.  We look for excellent gramar, spelling and use of the English language.

How much experience do I need?

Obviously we prefer writers with experience, if you do not have any samples we suggest you start a blog and build your tone, then, come back at a later date and fill out the application form.

Does ScreenCrave.com have editors?

Yes.  Our editorial staff will look at your submissions daily and offer advice and training if needed.  Editors also have the ability to feature your articles on our homepage.

Does ScreenCrave.com offer assignments?

Yes. Our editorial team sends out weekly “buzz ideas” as well as monthly article ideas to fill our editorial calendar.  We also have opportunities for writers to attend press junkets, conduct interviews, participate in conference calls and make set visits.

Does ScreenCrave.com have a training program?

Our training program consists of a writer guideline for grammar and style, as well as basic blog instructions for editing text, inserting pictures and video.  The software powering ScreenCrave.com is relatively easy to use.  Our editors to provide feedback about quality and style of work.

Do I retain copyright for the work I produce as a contributing writer?

Yes, you’ll retain copyright to any material you produce for Starpulse.com. In return, Starpusle.com obtains an exclusive, perpetual online license to any material you produce for us. We retain this license in order to control reprints, so the articles you produce for us aren’t competing against other copies of the same article on other sites.