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LA Film Fest: Curling - Movie Review

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The trio of Québécois films at this year’s LA Film Festival came to a head for me with Denis Côté’s Curling, a slow-burn observation of a small circle of off-centre individuals in an isolated, snow-bound setting. With a certain dry, not to say absurd humour, it certainly ticks...

LA Film Fest: Navajo Joe (1966)

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The revival strand of the LA Film Fest was pretty random this year, and the most tempting older movie was part of the guest artist series. Composer Daniel Luppi picked Sergio Corbucci’s 1966 Navajo Joe, primarily for the pseudonymous Morricone score but also a little bit, one hopes,...

LA Film Fest: Love Crime

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Ludivine Sagnier was at the LA Film Festival this year, which was rather a glamorous surprise in the Regal 6. She was introducing Crime d’amour, the final film from veteran director Alain Corneau; Kristin Scott-Thomas co-stars in a tale of corporate back-biting, unruly passions,...

LA Film Fest: Sawdust City

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Although I didn’t see many of the narrative films in competition at the LA Film Festival this year, if for no other reason than its hearty substance I would probably have picked Sawdust City over the winner, Familiar Ground. This is a great example of something or other: the...