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Sunil Rajaraman is the President and CEO of Nearly 100,000 screenwriters currently use’s flagship product, Scripped Writer, to write screenplays, stage plays, radio plays, and other creative works. has worked with Spike TV, Steven de Souza (writer of Die Hard and 48 Hours), and Alex Albrecht (the co-host of Diggnation).

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10 Movies You Love (But Would Never Admit it Publicly)

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You love these movies, but would never admit it to your friends – it would be like saying you listen to “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips alone… in the shower. Think of this list as a way of realizing that you are not alone in your love for these all-time classics.

Top 5 High-School Themed Movies of All Time

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Ever reminisce about your days as a cheerleader, geek, jock, or hipster? Ever wish you could have a high-school do-over without the hassle? These five movies will take you back to your time as a cool-kid like no other.

Top Five Worst Athletes-Turned-Actors of All Time

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Can you think of many athletes that can act (off the field of play)? Neither can I. I’ve attempted to compile the top five worst athlete-turned actors of all time.  A few athletes earned the right to be on the list for multiple horrific performances. Note to pro athletes everywhere: stick to...

Top 10 Biggest Assholes in Cinema

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Remember the kid that beat you up in elementary school and stole your lunch money? What about the overly ambitious self-absorbed head of the yearbook committee? Or worse yet, the ineffectual business suck-up who will throw anyone under the bus to get ahead? Certain movie characters combine all...