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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the Top 5 Movies Shot in Mexico

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There are many reasons why  a movie may be shot in Mexico. Sometimes there isn't enough money in the budget to shoot elsewhere, and sometimes it is a direct aesthetic and detail oriented choice. Movies from as small as Like Water for Chocolate to as big as...

US G.I. Joe Trailer Now Out

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The US trailer for G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra was released today, and although my colleague had a few nice things when the French version (which is the same as this one, only with subtitle) I have nothing positive to say about it. It's got all the cliches and...

The Last Airbender Trailer Attached to Transformers 2

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Frank Marshall, producer of the upcoming The Last Airbender masterpiece, just confirmed that trailer for the film will be attached to Transformers: Rise of the Fallen. He found this fact so important that he Twittered it. The...

Terminator Images/Concept Art

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Concept art is where it all begins. It's always cool to see what initial ideas looked like versus what the final product is. Titan Books has released a book called "The Art of Terminator Salvation," today (April 28th). Titan Books had recently released The...