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Sundance 2014: Jamie Marks is Dead - Movie Review

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Words are what Jamie Marks is looking for in this film. The words that come to mind when I think about Jamie Marks is Dead are smart, spooky, scary and I'm still finding more. If there's one thing writer/director Carter Smith is able to tackle with this film, it's tone,...

Sundance 2014: Infinitely Polar Bear - Movie Review

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Infinitely Polar Bear is a charming film, that takes you on a journey into the lives of one family that despite their own hardships is able to overcome extraordinary situations and limitations with the help and love of one another. The film is brought to life by a group...

Sundance 2014: The Skeleton Twins - Movie Review

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This was probably one of the most straight-up-Sundance films from this years festival. It has a relatively simple story, that dissects the lives of two siblings who are trying to find a way to coop their past and comes with Sundance veteran's Mark and Jay Duplass as Executive Producers. Can't be...

Sundance 2014: Cold in July - Movie Review

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Cold in July marks the return of writer/director Jim Mickle to this years Sundance. He was previously here in 2013 with his critically well received film We Are What We Are. This year he returns with dramatic portrayal of...