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CSI: Miami: Season 9 Episode 18: About Face - TV Review

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CSI: Miami - About Face - Natalia is kidnapped
The jailbreak way back at the beginning of this season is still having some pretty major repercussions, and this episode of CSI: Miami is getting into yet another one of them: An escaped murderer is going right back to work, and he's decided to kidnap Natalia to boot.  But things are not always...

CSI: Miami: Season 9 Episode 17: Special Delivery - TV Review

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CSI: Miami - Special Delivery - The deliveryman gets murdered
The idea of sexy package deliverymen (or sexy pizza deliverymen, or sexy plumbers, or... well, you get the drill) isn't particularly new, but these steamy encounters don't usually end in gruesome death for anyone.  But since this is "CSI: Miami," that's exactly where we're going, and as a bonus...