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The Last House on the Left Review

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The newest horror offering to hit theaters - The Last House on the Left, is a remake of a 1972 horror film that unlike the original is not one that I would recommended for just about anyone out there that values spending their money at the box office. The movie is brutal...

News: Twilight Collects Another Casualty

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"Twilight" had fans lining up the night of its release around the country, and just like with any popular release, Summit Entertainment has jumped on the movie and is planning a sequel, titled "New Moon" due out on November 20th, 2009.  Some details about the release have come out over at...

REVIEW: Four Christmases a Solid Holiday Laugher

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Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon make for an interesting yet enjoyable couple in the new Seth Gordon holiday flick - Four Christmases.  The movie revolves around the pair and their trials as they have to go to four different homes of their divorced families for Christmas. The...

NEWS: Nelson to Play Villain in Next "Hulk" Movie

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Tim Blake Nelson
If the first two The Incredible Hulk movies were a letdown to you, don't fret, you likely will have a chance to give the series one more chance. As far as who the Hulk will have to battle in the next installment, is reporting that role may very well go to Tim Blake...

NEWS: Kidman Quits the Biz

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Looks like one of the bigger careers of a big name Hollywood actress may be coming to an end. That is if you believe...