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Review: Goodbye Solo

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In this current state of cinema where Superheroes, remakes and mind numbing romantic comedies plot to overtake the box office every weekend; it's refreshing to see a film that has heart and honestly cuts to the core of friendship and humanity. Goodbye Solo is...

Race to Witch Mountain Review

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Think of watching Disney's Race to Witch Mountain as an exercise in mental stability. Not that it's overly complicated or hard to understand, in fact it's quite the opposite. The difficulty here is that the film tries to get away with so many...

Cinema Freshness: What is Still Worth Watching

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As we journey into this new year of film, lets take a retrospective moment to soak up all that was seen last year and even before then. (humming Jeopardy theme song)... all finished? Good, now lets all remember why we go to the movies. What have we come to expect from all the different...

Review: Taken is Everything You Need, Not Want

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Albanian terrorist sex trafficking young girls through Paris, check. An incredibly capable and pissed off father, check. A fully rewarding movie with excitement and danger around every turn... not so much. TAKEN has almost everything you could want in a high...

Review: Gran Torino

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It used to be that there was only one man who could get away with calling a person of Asian decent both a "pussy"...