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The Rum Diary: Movie Review

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The Rum Diary Amber Heard and Johnny Depp
Based on the recently published, national bestseller by the troublesome Dr. Gonzo (Hunter S. Thompson) Bruce Robinson presents a disappointing adaptation of The Rum Diary starring Johnny Depp, Richard...

Something Borrowed: Movie Review

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Something Borrowed: The Girls Dance Scene
Ah, the rules of feminism. Who came up with them, how flexible are they and when is it legitimately fair to pull an "Oh NO she didn't?"  National best-selling author, Emily Griffin, has an opinion or two in her novel, Something Borrowed, which was quickly adapted and...

Soul Surfer: Movie Review

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There appears to be a providential side to losing an arm in a shark attack. Bethany Hamilton, a sponsored teenage surfer, made national headlines after she survived an attack in 2004. She made INTERnational headlines when she refused to let a silly lack of limb stop her from competing. Now, she...

Cracks: Movie Review

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Jordan Scott makes her feature film directorial debut with IFC’s Cracks, based on the...