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Mad Men: Waterloo: Episode 7 Season 7—TV Review

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Mad Men-Waterloo-John Slattery
The first half of Mad Men’s swan song has hit its last note.  “Waterloo” saw battle in every direction and to the victor went the spoils. As mankind took its first steps on the moon, Sterling Cooper & Partners again fought to free itself from tyranny. We just hope the right...

Mad Men: The Runaways: Episode 5 Season 7—TV Review

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Mad Men-The Runaways-Jon Hamm
There are only two episodes left of  Mad Men this year and after last night you’re going to regret it. “The Runaways” are three, and though they all run in different directions, without them we'd be lost. Don Draper is on his way, but who knows where he’ll land.

Revenge: Execution: Episode 22 Season 3—TV Review

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Revenge-Execution-Madeleine Stowe and Emily VanCamp
The season finale of Revenge was everything we hoped for.  “Execution” was a huge moment for Emily and Victoria, with everyone else’s fate hanging in the balance. Retribution thy name in Emily, and though the journey is over for now, the quest lives on.