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Revenge: Allegiance: Episode 19 Season 3 — TV Review

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Revenge-Allegiance-Tim Dekay, Madeleine Stowe, and Emily VanCamp
Last night’s Revenge was the episode we’ve been waiting for all season. “Allegiance” was the first real step back into David Clarke’s direction. Something about the return of the red Sharpie always brings out the fireworks. The Players: Director:...

Mad Men: Time Zones: Episode 1 Season 7—TV Review

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Mad Men-Time Zones-Jon Hamm
The season premiere of Mad Men kicked off in January 1969. “Time Zones” is set just two months after the sixth season finale, around the inauguration of Richard Nixon. Don, Peggy, Joan and Roger steal the night and our hearts.

Scandal: Flesh and Blood: Episode 17 Season 3—TV Review

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Scandal-Flesh and Blood-Guillermo Diaz
Scandal is six days away from the Presidential election and a long shot off from where it should be. “Flesh and Blood” wasn’t as explosive as we were expecting. Though some have payed for their crimes, we’re still waiting for the show to restore our confidence.