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Nick Cave's Rejected Gladiator 2 Script Leaked

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david hall-gladiator 2-russell crowe
At the end of Ridley Scott's 2000 Oscar-winning film Gladiator, Russell Crowe's character, Maximus, kicked the bucket. Or did he? Apparently, Scott had personally requested that Nick Cave write a sequel script in...

The Goonies Cast Members Talk Sequel at Reunion

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david hall-the goonies-sequel
If there's one movie that film buffs would love to see  a sequel for while simultaneously condemning its creation, it's The Goonies. And maybe, just maybe, there's a chance. The entire cast, along with director Richard Donner and producer...

Verbinski Jumps Ship On Pirates 4, Chooses BioShock

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With six years, three movies, and $2.6 billion under his belt, director Gore Verbinski is jumping ship on Pirates of the Caribbean's fourth installment, which is scheduled to start shooting in 2010. Instead, Verbinski will flex his...