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Why The King's Speech Proves The Oscars Are Irrelevant

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The King's Speech Winners
Don't get me wrong: The King's Speech is a handsome, well-shot, well-acted, well-written movie. It's quite good and Colin Firth deserved his statue. But, it's also the exact kind of movie the Oscars shouldn't be nominating in the first place, and proves that the Oscars...

The Ten Best New Year's Moments On Screen

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Like any holiday, New Year's is enshrined on film in a multitude of ways: happy, sad, dark, light, and blowing up Brian Dennehy.  Yes, one can experience the whole range of human and dramatic emotion on film if they're looking hard enough on film, so we thought we'd come up with the ten best...

The 2010 Screencrave Holiday Gift Guide

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Yeah, that's how we feel about Christmas shopping. Ready for Christmas, Kwanzaa, or a belated Hannukkah?  Got a film nerd, a fan of a particular star, or just somebody you don't know that well on your list? Sick of dealing with all the sale movies, lame gift sets, and "holiday ideas" that are...

The Walking Dead: Episode 6 Season 1: TS-19 - TV Review

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The Walkind Dead 5
When we last left the survivors of "The Walking Dead", they'd just discovered the Center for Disease Control, and the extremely shaky Dr. Bruce, er, Edwin Jenner.  But, hey, it's got guns, steel gates, food, and is generally incredibly safe.  It seems like an absolutely ideal place in which to...