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Damon worked in the film business as a Film Buyer for a theater chain for many years, which gives him an interesting perspective on the numbers. He's written for Collider, Chud, Screencrush, The DVD Journal and Binaryflix online, and was published by The New York Times and Willamette Week, along with his college, high school and middle school papers.

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Draft Day: Movie Review

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Ivan Reitman's Draft Day may look like a sports films, but it's more of a workplace comedy as Kevin Costner deals with the most stressful day of the year as the general manager of the Cleveland Browns, who -- with his job on the line -- starts the day by making a trade...

Interview: Tilda Swinton on 'Only Lovers Left Alive'

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Talking to Only Lovers Left Alive star Tilda Swinton is an event unto itself. Having emerged from avant-garde theater work and the films of Derek Jarman, the actress has become one of the most celebrated working actresses, and someone who is known for taking interesting and challenging...

Only Lovers Left Alive: Movie Review

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Only Lovers Left Alive
Only Lovers Left Alive, the latest film from Jim Jarmusch, offers the same sort of zone out pleasures of his early films, though the jokes are often more fragmentary. Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton star in this story of vampires named Adam and Eve, who exist in the...