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Damon worked in the film business as a Film Buyer for a theater chain for many years, which gives him an interesting perspective on the numbers. He's written for Collider, Chud, Screencrush, The DVD Journal and Binaryflix online, and was published by The New York Times and Willamette Week, along with his college, high school and middle school papers.

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DVD and Blu-ray Picks for June 17 - 23

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Criterion is really cranking them out this week, while two of the best films of the year also hit Blu-ray this week, along with one of Netflix’s most buzzed-about shows. Not a bad haul.

Damon Houx's Top 100 Films of All Time (Part 1 of 2)

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the empire strikes back
Writing lists, the actual act of ranking films, is absurd. For most of us who aren’t OCD, there’s really no way to rank one film above another. Sure, there are the aesthetic and technical merits, but any list is going to be essentially about preference, one that can change in a moment’s...

'Star Wars: Episode VII' Loses Harrison Ford for Eight Weeks

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The production of Star Wars: Episode VII was delayed due to script rewrites (and if rumors are to be believed, J.J. Abrams' indecisiveness), so it's unfortunate that star Harrison Ford -- who will be returning to play Han Solo for what assumes is near nine digit payday...