Damon Houx

Damon worked in the film business as a Film Buyer for a theater chain for many years, which gives him an interesting perspective on the numbers. He's written for Collider, Chud, Screencrush, The DVD Journal and Binaryflix online, and was published by The New York Times and Willamette Week, along with his college, high school and middle school papers.

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Box Office Roundup: "Go Shove Yourself, San Diego"

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So, though we haven't made a huge deal of it, Screencrave will be turning out the lights. Maybe for a while, maybe permanently (we should have some Comic-con coverage coming next month). Which means my eight-year tenure (including my time at Chud) of writing about box office is coming to an end....

Damon Houx's Alternate Top Hundred Films of All Time

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So, this week I released a list of the hundred greatest movies of all time. Yeah, that's pretentious, but listmaking is good to get people curious about cinema. But it hurt to leave so many great films off the list, and some you leave off because if they're not in the top whatever, it doesn't...