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Sundance 2013: Wrong Cops - Movie Review

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wrong cops
The Sundance Film Festival is a place where you can expect to feel like you're a part of the film-making process. The late night screening and discussion of Wrong Cops, a work in progress by Quentin Dupieux, was no exception. Though the film is not yet...

Sundance 2013: C.O.G. - Movie Review

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In his second feature film, director Kyle Patrick Alvarez brings to Sundance a film adaptation of C.O.G by David Sedaris. Based on Sedaris' experiences as a young man rebelling against his bourgeois lifestyle and searching for a "real" experience, C.O.G. is a...

Sundance 2013: Sightseers - Movie Review

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Debuting at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, British director Ben Wheatley’s Sighstseers is certainly a twist to your everyday romantic comedy. Sightseers will take you on a journey -via an Abbey Oxford Caravan- that will have you laughing,...

Sundance 2013: Touchy Feely - Movie Review

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SH-Touchy Feely-1/16/13
Touchy Feely left me a little confused and frustrated. With a talented cast and some genuinely funny material, it seemed set up for success. The issue I had with it was that the story is largely about identity crisis, yet the personalities aren't very well developed -...