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Sundance 2014: Happy Christmas - Movie Review

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Happy Christmas
I love Anna Kendrick and Christmas movies, so Happy Christmas was a no-brainer for me. It's sassy and fast-paced, with a strong cast and an easy feel to it. It doesn't try too hard to be dramatic, but manages to be naturally by building on an unlikely...

Sundance 2014: The Measure of All Things - Movie Review

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measure of all things
Like many other east coast people, I was given a bonus day at Sundance due to a winter storm that forced the cancellation of my flight. And this live documentary, The Measure of All Things, was the highlight of my extra day and the best end to...

Sundance 2014: Love Child - Movie Review

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love child
I'm always drawn to films that explore the nature of human relationships to technology and virtual reality. This documentary, Love Child, by Valerie Veatch details the circumstances surrounding a tragic event in which a baby starved to death while her parents played an...

Sundance 2014: To Be George Takei - Movie Review

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george takei
I had a fitting start of my Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday at Sundance with a screening of To Be George Takei. This documentary about the beloved actor and activist, George Takei,(pronounced ta-kai) opens up a window into...