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I am a freelancing film critic for and my University Magazine, "OMG". I am currently living in Cambridge, England, but I go to Staffordshire University, which is in the Northern Part of England. Here are my 5 favorite films: "Goodfellas", "Manhunter", "Dirty Harry", L.A. Confidential" and "The Shawshank Redemption". I am hoping your leave comments after my "First Look" insights, so I can see if you agree or disagree with my opinion, and so I can respond to your opinions and your possible questions you have for me. Many Thanks.

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Edinburgh Film Fest 2010: The Illusionist Film Review

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The Edinburgh International Film Festival officially opens its curtains to the world with its opening film, The Illusionist. It’s the latest animation from Sylvian Chomet, who previously directed Belleville Rendez-Vous in 2003 – an Edinburgh International...

It's Team Britain! - Jackboots On Whitehall Trailer

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jackboots on whitehall trailer
It's been 6 years since we were introduced to Team America: World Police; it was a savage political satire from the creators of "South Park," that covered terrorism and proved that Pearl Harbor was a really bad movie. Even...

64th Edinburgh International Film Festival 2010 Line Up

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64th Edinburgh International Film Festival 5-22-12
  After the glitz and glamor of the Cannes Film Festival, another film festival has begun kicking into high gear, the 64th Edinburgh International Film Festival, which specializes in showcasing the best talent and films coming out from the United Kindgom....