Aquaman as The Upcoming Movie to Wait For

Series of movies from DC and Marvel Comics are always interesting. In Marvel, there is The Avengers that have been so successful in attracting the attentions from all movie lovers and they get satisfied with the movie. Then, there is also Justice League from DC Comics that is also so interesting. Some moments ago, Justice League appeared and this got good attentions and good responses from viewers. As what is Marvel did, some of the main characters of Justice League got their own film. Of course, Batman and Superman have got so many films about them since decades ago and they got good responses. Then, they worked with Wonder Woman, the Amazonian, and this actually also got good responses. Because of this, there is big plan to also show special attention to the other member of Justice League. It is Aquaman. Aquaman is the member of Justice League and this may not be quite popular, even when it is compared to The Flash and Cyborg. At least, there are some series of The Flash and Cyborg has been introduced in some cartoons from DC Comic, such as Teen Titans. However, Aquaman got less attention and it is great to bring story about him.

It is normal to have idea to make film of Aquaman. He is interesting character from DC comic. He also has appeared in the crew of Justice Leagues. Actually, there have been some cartoons about him, but it still does not fully portray his full identity. That is why it is great to start something new. Moreover, DC comics have been so successful with Wonder Woman, so there is big expectation to have good responses for the Aquaman. There are also some demands and request to make sequel for this aquatic hero. Aquaman is described as hero who lives in two world. He is descendant of the queen of Atlantis, yet his father is human. When he was born, he lived as a mere human and he was not aware that he has throne in Atlantis. In this movie, at least from the trailer, it is showed that he starts to know his identity when he and his friends have such kind of trip to the gigantic aquarium and then suddenly he speaks to the fish.

Aquaman as The Upcoming Movie to Wait ForThen, the story of the film itself talks about his own discretions and concerns toward the two world. When he was aware of his life and his parents, then he was also aware that the army of Atlantic is ready to start a war and attack humans on the land. On the other sides, humans itself have problems with the global environment and threats of nuclear. As the one who have life in these two world, Aquaman tries to save these world and this is getting interesting to see.

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