Criterion is really cranking them out this week, while two of the best films of the year also hit Blu-ray this week, along with one of Netflix’s most buzzed-about shows. Not a bad haul.


  • The Grand Budapest Hotel: Wes Anderson’s latest film is a triumph that uses its huge cast and multiple aspect ratios to tell the story of the world’s great concierge and his protégé. Anderson is in top form here, and this may very well be his best film yet. We’re curious to see how the set handles the aspect ratios, so it’s a must-have.
  • House of Cards: The Complete Second Season: Kevin Spacey has found a meaty role in Frank Underhill, and he chews the living heck out of it in the second season. Now making his way into the vice presidency, Frank angles for the highest position in the land as his machinations play out.
  • The LEGO Movie: Hot on the heels of the release of 22 Jump Street, Phil Lord and Chris Miller are now four for four as directors, and are going to have two hit movies this year. The LEGO Movie is the ultimate high concept movie that shouldn’t work, and yet, it’s one of the best films of the year, and is hilarious to boot.
  • Joe: David Gordon Green and Nicolas Cage redeemed some of their lesser works with this smallish character study. It’s good to have Cage back in a movie that is both challenging and watchable.
  • Walk of Shame: Elizabeth Banks is a national treasure, but this film – which was released day and date – doesn’t look promising, nor does its rushed presence on home video.


  • Hearts and Minds, Judex, Picnic at Hanging Rock: This Criterion triple threat is a film lover’s delight.

What are you picking up this week?